Thursday, 1 February 2007

January film roundup

The Last Samurai *** - A beautifully-shot but rather heavy-going genre-crossing historical war epic / romance / martial arts picture. In mood and weight, it would likely appeal to fans of the likes of Braveheart or Dances With Wolves, but whether you can stomach it depends on whether you can stand the idea of American soldier Tom Cruise becoming an honorable samurai.

The Terminal **** - Showing the lightness of touch displayed in Catch Me If You Can, Steven Spielberg's gentle romantic comedy is a genuine crowd-pleaser that's as far removed from his subsequent Munich is it is possible to be. Tom Hanks, playing a principled foreigner stuck in an airport departure lounge due to a coup in his own country, delivers a heart-warming peformance despite (or perhaps because of) his ridiculous accent.